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Can you provide vendor insurance?

Yes. We are licensed, certified & insured.

When should I order my wedding cake?

Cakes are often one of the last vendors to be booked which is totally understandable, however we recommend 4-6 months minimum to ensure wedding date availability and to allow time to schedule a consultation.

What size cake do I need?

Its fair to say that not everyone eats cake, consider that 80% will. Take a look at our Servings Chart

How are faux cakes priced?

Faux cakes are priced by using our standard by the slice system minus the amount of what the baked cake costs to assemble and bake. What you are paying for is the time it takes to decorate and product needed for the design, just as you would real cakes. Faux cakes are suggested for those who have a small guest list and do not want cake but would like a cake aesthetic or those who enjoy a tall/big cake. If you would like a taller/bigger looking cake please add faux tiers to your real cake.

Please note that this is not suggested for those who have large guest lists looking to substitute with sheet cake.

 Do you offer taste testings?

We most certainly do! Everything is made fresh to order, tastings are included with our consultations and are, what we like to call “mix & match”. You choose 3 cake flavors, 3 fillings, & 3 buttercreams. Pick what your taste buds enjoy!

Do consultations cost?

Consultations are $70 per couple any additional up to 2 are $25 per person.

Why are consultations not free?

The preparation for your custom consultation and the time needed to be thorough sets the foundation for you to easily bring your dream cake to fruition.

What’s included:

  • Mix & Match Tasting

  • Custom sketches

  • 1hr consultation w/ your designer

  • Cake proposal

  • Secure date with deposit/full payment

What makes your cakes different?

Here at BMC we make everything fresh to order.. We use only italian meringue buttercreams that are made from scratch to fill and cover our cakes. If buttercream is not your “thing”, we offer ganache as a substitute. We specialize in giving you a personalized experience, which includes creating cakes that are not recreated or copied. Lastly, we take pride in being culinary school educated and certified in food safety & sanitation. The health of you and your guests is one of our top priorities.

Do you create desserts ?

Yes we do! Upon request of a dessert table we have an A la carte menu for you to choose your desserts. There is a minimum of $325 or a cake order.

I am on a tight budget, how do I stick to it?

The best way to stick to your budget is to remember that most people do not eat cake, are too busy dancing, or are full. Cut down on the amount of your servings. Serve your cake buffet style to take the presser off of needing to accommodate every guest. Maybe have a dessert table and a small faux cake. Or lastly, consider a cupcake tower.

Why can’t my florist provide or put the floral on my cake?

Floral wedding cakes are one of the top designs created, as we are a custom boutique we specialize in one of a kind cakes, if someone else is decorating or putting their touches to it then it is no longer considered our design and we will not be held liable for any others visual interpretations .

The most important factor is food and sanitation safety, floral of any form may have toxins, fragrances, or pesticides, because of this we buy our floral from vendors that can accommodate our safety needs. While florist may deal with flowers everyday most do not carry a food safe certification and should not be handling or modifying any food, which includes cake. At BMC we are educated in the proper process & techniques of installing floral to cakes to avoid food poisoning or sickness, and are certified and licensed to do so. We think about your guests safety from baking to the consumption of your cake. Looking for a florist

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